Peak Design Capture Modeling Practice

Nov 2018

As an avid photographer and mechanical design geek, I was overjoyed when I discovered the brand Peak Design. Their name is quite fitting as the care and thought put into the design of each of their products is truly great. I was especially fascinated by the simplicity and effectiveness of the capture clip. The form was visually striking, tactilely pleasant, and functionally intuitive to use. 

Intrigued by the design, I decided it would be the prefect product to reverse engineer. Using reference images and meticulous measurements from my caliper I was able to create an initial CAD model of the clip in Fusion360.  Cue 3D printing a prototype and comparing it to my existing Capture Clip. Version 1 of my model was unmistakably undersized in several dimensions which led to interference in fitting the components together. Fortunately, I had created my model parametrically, and I was able to adjust and modify various key dimensions to iterate my design. After several iterations of 3D printing and using the plastic models with my actual clip, I was able to dial my design into an almost exact replica of the commercial product. 

Created CAM for 3D model with plans to machine using CNC mill at makerspace. Needed dovetail cutter to machine overhung feature, delaying machining.